Repair kit for Pneumatics Valves
41  years of 100% Made in Italy

A qualitatively competitive product allow our Brand to be well recognized in the Aftermarket.

Reconditioned Brake Calipers
Guaranteed 12 months

A full range of reconditioned brake calipers. Exchange program or subcontracting. 
Knorr - Brembo - Haldex - Wabco - Meritor

Reconditioned Pneumatic Equipments
Guaranteed 12 months

Exchange program or subcontracting, quickly and efficient. Warehouse stock. 
Delivery in 24/48 hours. After sales support.

Expertise and professionality
Professionality for a guaranteed quality

Our team consists of qualified people with extensive experience in the various tasks, ensuring an adhoc final product.

Repair kits   

Product 100% Made in Italy

Leader in the production of repair kit of pneumatic valves for braking systems of industrial vehicles and bus. Quality product, designed for the Aftermarket, guaranteed by a fortly experience, totally Made in Italy.

Reconditioned Pneumatic Equipments 

A full range of reconditioned equipments and new, Original

41 years of experience in the production of spare parts, and continuos demands of our Customers have led our Company, in cooperation with qualified suppliers, to develop a commercial branch for the sale of reconditioned. A reconditioned considerably higher than the current standard.

Reconditioned brake calipers

Knorr - Brembo - Wabco - Haldex - Meritor

Reconditioned brake calipers, a quality reconditioned, made with meticulousness and attention in the various work processes and subjected to a thorough check of the components to be replaced. Many do it but we achieve it; this is our slogan.

Our products are not Originals but intechangeables; reference to manufacturers, to their codes and images are only for information purposes.

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